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Email #1
Subject: Russian virus attacking US power grid
Alt Subject: Russian power grid warning

Bloomberg just published an unsettling report.

It seems that U.S. utilities have found Ruski malware deep inside our power grid.

What does this mean?

It means we could be facing one of the biggest catastrophes in history.

Something that could push America into the dark ages.

So forget about the downfall of digital currencies, a crumbling economy, or anything else the media is brainwashing us with.

Pretty soon, none of that is going to matter.

This is what I mean.

This strange video surfaced online a few months ago.

It has made a few startling predictions, each of which has come true.

But the biggest prediction is yet to come.

And according to this video, it’s going to happen next week.

All I ask is that you review this information so you can protect your loved ones while there’s still time.

May God have mercy on our country.

God bless.

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Email #2
Subject: Russian Attack On America’s Power Grid “Imminent”
Alt Subject: Shocking Truth About The Biggest Threat To Come

Is Big Tech, with the help of Russia, censoring an imminent attack on American patriots?You’ve probably already noticed them de platforming patriots.

They banned Trump from Twitter and Facebook.

They tore Parler from the internet.

And they’re even silencing everyday Americans.

It seems Big Tech is intent on turning the whole internet woke.

And muzzling anyone with a patriotic opinion.

But do they have an even more sinister agenda?

The Committee on Homeland Security recently declassified a shocking report.

This reveals Big Tech could be doing way more than demolishing the First Amendment.

It seems they’re actually withholding lifesaving information from you and I.

The declassified report contains a chilling warning:

A disastrous attack on patriots is imminent.

And I’m not talking about a head cold invented by the powers that be.

I’m talking about a single catastrophic event that will target American patriots.

Leaving us without power, gas, food, water, telephone, internet.

It could make every single patriot an outcast from society, scrambling to survive.

Many of us could die in the wake of this event.

And, if reports are correct, this event could happen within weeks.

But if you search the internet or social media for warnings I’m almost certain you won’t find anything.

That’s why I’m sending this alert.

Because one brave patriot has found a way around Big Tech’s censorship.

He’s created a short video exposing the truth about this upcoming attack.

But since this message runs on their systems, it could be blocked at any moment.

That’s why I urge you to watch his short video to protect yourself and your family.

Then tell everyone you know about this.

Watch the shocking report

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Email #3
Subject: Is The Prediction From The 45th President Coming True


We’ve already seen the 45 predict our future with startling accuracy.

Back in 2017 he said that the left would take down statues of our Found-ing Fathers.

The liberal media mocked his prediction.

Then in 2021, NY City Hall took down their statue of Thomas Jefferson.

But it seems that’s a drop in the ocean compared to what’s coming.

You see, he made another prophecy.

Something that could do far more than erase our history.

It could exile patriots from society.

And those who don’t react early?

I don’t know if they’ll see the other side.

Once again, the liberal media laughed at him when he said:

“We’re not going to have a country left.”

But if this prophecy is as accurate as his last one.

The laughing is over..Watch Video

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